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The 77th Hunger Games was a game that was played between the remainder of the tributes of the incomplete 76th Hunger Games. This year was unique because it was just weird. It was more like a kids game than a fight to the death.


Hour 1Edit

After the Couuntdown, which was a recording of Claudius Templesmith's countdown, they all got off the pieces of carboard that were supposed to be plates and headed towards the Cornuopia tree. The Chicken was heading towards a bush for hiding instead. On the way, Lissette bit him and he was out. Heading back to the Cornucopia Tree, she was pecked to death by Penguino , who then got hit on the head with Dr. Scholl's orthopedic shoes. He used his other shoe for throwong at UFK. Mindfreak and 008 formed an alliance and made Dr. Scholl fall flat on his face. Of course, 008 had a stratagem (a plan, scheme, or trick for surprising or deceiving an enemy) to use against Mindreak. They were so happy they tightly embraced. 008 then hugged Mindfreak to death and he won.


The Rules of the Games were the same as that of the previous Games because they didn't know about any other Games.


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A nearby Public Park.


What they usually wear.