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Return to the Imminent

A Time-Traveling Fiasco in which our S.T.U.P.I.D. Heroes are sent off to he Hunger Games by B.G.A.T.F.D., The Gamemakers.

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Romance Through Looking Glass

What if you found yourself going through the mirror into a backwards world, and the Heroes, were the villains. That's the situation some of our heroes find themselves in and end up falling for the better counterpart of their enemies.

Accross the 2D Dimension

A two-dimensional world where there is no side-to-side, just forward, back, up and down. Much like the videogames our ancestors played, this world is one where you never know what's coming next! From Rapunzel to a Sniffing Giant, this place has got it all!

The Chronicles of Joe

The Chronicle of Joe is an epic trilogy. The Second Part has been lost forever.

The Chronicles of Joe: Quest for the Missing Forearm

In Part 1, Joe's forearm makes contact with The Thing, and so he must remove it and go on an apic journey on foot from Miami to Venezuela, and no, not through Central America, but throught the Carribean.

The Story:The Chronicles of Joe: Quest for the Missing Forearm

The Mysterious Middle Part

A Mysterious Middle Part exists in which a big event of some sort leads to the third book's short depressing end.

The Chronicles of Joe: The Big BOOM!

Everything blew up.

The Story: The Chronicles of Joe: The Big BOOM!