Copyright is questionable on this wiki. Everything we do on here is simply for entertainment and simply fanon. We are not parodizing the franchise in question and everything we use on here we respect.

We acknowledge these things are copyrighted and we've even listed them for any charges you might feel like making. If anything, you should be proud to have your content on this wiki because the Admins deem it worthy.

1. Hunger Games FranchiseEdit

Has been changed in our storyline as a simple fanon, but not parodized nor has it been insulted.

2. 008Edit

008 is a parody of James Bond, aka, 007, who is 008's father.

3. Dr. Narwhal's Narwhal SongEdit

The Famous Narwhal Song was falsely made by Dr. Narwhal. It even says it on the page where the video is on.

4. Taco BellEdit

The Taco secretly influences the founder of Taco Bell, but we mean no disrespect.

5. Hot Kool Aid ManEdit

We mean no disrespect to the Kool Aid company, as it's simply a fanon, and as for Hot Kool Aid, we acknowledge that it was made Julian Smith and you actually inspired this characters. As for the picture, we found it online and cut the background. Apologies to the currently unknown artist, but hey, we appreciate your work enough to have it here!

6.The Chronicles of JoeEdit

We know Narnia is Copyrighted, as well that Megusta is the name of a Meme-Face.

7.Romance Through the Looking GlassEdit

Yes, the name came almost directly from "Through the Looking Glass", sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

And any others that might be added later on. Please refer to the Admins of the wiki or Wikia Staff for further questions.