Dr. Narwhal is a member of B.G.A.T.F.D. (Bad Guys All Together For Death!). His partner isThe Killer Whale. His arch nemesis is Mindfreak .


Dr. Narwhal is a man with a black and grey suit with a metal horn and helmet that blocks mental attacks from his nemesis, Mindfreak.


He has an adamantium skeleton and teeth with healing factor. He has no real superpowers except that he can breathe underwater and is a smart scientist that is just as clever as Mindfreak, his nemesis, so he picks up on her moves fast and can learn how to counteract her attacks. Both he and Mindfreak are known for their wits and uses of artifice.


He has a metal horn and a helmet that blocks mental attacks, so Mindfreak can't read his mind or try to hypnotize him. However, Mindfreak learned how to use her telekinetic powers to remove it from his head. After this, he had his partner, the Killer Whale surgically attach it to his head and modified it so that it could only be disabled from the inside of his head.





One of Dr. Narwhal's hobbies is listening to his favorite song: Narwhals Singing in the Ocean. He claims to have wrote it but his voice gets all high and you can tell he's lying. Here it is:

He also enjoys drinking corn (don't ask). On top of that, he largely spends time supporting the theory that unicorns evolved into narwhals.

Dr. Narwhal also belongs to a Feminine Book Club.


Dr. Narwhal is a selfish scientist who lives in the North Pole. One day, a baby polar bear pushed him into the water and he drowned. He was about to die when a clan of magical narwhals rescued him and gave him superpowers. He was so powerful that he decided to commit to a life of evil. One day he found a dying baby orca in the ocean. He decided to take it to his lab and revive it. He gave it superpowers as well. He also gave it robotic body parts and injected some of his own DNA into it so they would be able to communicate, making it an orca-human-cyborg-narwhal hybrid. Once the orca finally recovered, they decided to team up and commit deeds of evil together.