The Chicken

The Chicken is a superhero that is part of S.T.U.P.I.D. (or Super Turbo Undercover People In Disguise). His arch nemesis is the Rubberbandit.


The Chicken is a tall man with a chicken mask and a yellow-orange body suit.


He can fly, has super speed, and can live a day without his head.


He uses an egg launcher (eggs WILL explode on impact),beak grapple, and drives the Egg-Mobile.


The Chicken remembers exactly how he recieved his superpowers. He says:

I got my powers when I went to a radioactive plant with a chicken egg and threw it at a worker there. The egg did not break, and it fell into some suspicious liquid that must have been radioactive and hatched. The radioactive chicken bit me and I got my AWESOME chicken powers!!! The interviewer was then stalked to death by Dr. Bubbles's blue penguin beause no one could know the location of S.T.U.P.I.D. headquarters.