The Killer Whale is a supervillain who is the partner of Dr. Narwhal. His real name is Josh. His arch nemesis is Dr. Bubbles.


He is an orca with a half black and half white suit that rides a segway. He has a robotic body and a little, barely noticeable stub on his forehead of a developing narwhal horn due to having some of Dr. Narwhal's DNA.


He is able to talk to fish, and blow anything out of his blowhole. He is also a cyborg, having robotic lasers and some other stuff.


He uses missiles, has an adamantium skeleton, and a hand that can change into any weapon. He has a computer brain but this doesn't function well due to a weak wi-fi signal, so he usually uses his partial human brain he got when he had Dr. Narwhal's DNA injected into him.


The Killer Whale remembers exactly how he recieved his superpowers. He didn't want anyone to explain this other than himself.

He said, "The reason I turned evil is because when I was swimming with my father once, I was behind him and then he farted out a bubble and then I took it to the surface. Then it popped and I smelled it. It was gross. Then whalers shot me with a harpoon and I was dying and about to pass out when I saw a guy's sillhouette above me. When I woke up, I felt a lot better and found out that the guy that rescued me was Dr. Narwhal and that he gave me superpowers and robotic body parts and stuff. When I felt good enough to fight, me and Dr. Narwhal decided to team up and be a team of super villains." The interviewer was then beaten vigorously with a large stick and died because no one could know the location of their lab.

He remembers very little of his orca life.