The Mush is a supervillain that is part of B.G.A.T.F.D. His powers include being able to increase his bulk to masses proportions, gaining great strength and durability. His enemy is The Mockingjay. His real name is AJ.

Appearance Edit

He is a normal sized person when small. Then he is huge when he needs to be. His suit is blue, gold, and red.


When he feels threatened, he turns into a massive blob of mush. The Mush can rapidly generate enough fat to render his body completetly bulletproof.


His only weapon is his mush.


AJ was a famous weapons designer. He also was a mutant. He was created when he was disecting a frog. While disecting the frog, a green gas started flowing into the room. He fainted. When he woke up, HE WAS A BIG BLOB OF MUSH!!!!!! When he realized he was fat, he got sooo angry, thathe jumped out then window. When he landed on the floor, he got skinny. He became overwhelmed and became a crazy man and started smashing everyone and sucking everyone intro his mush. He met this other villain named the Black Unicorn, who told him about B.G.A.T.F.D., which he then joined.