The Taco is a superhero that is part of S.T.U.P.I.D. (Super Turbo Undercover People In Disguise). His arch nemesis is Dr. Scholl.


The Taco is an octopus with blue and yellow skin, and taco armor. He wears knee, elbow and other pads made of taco shells. He wears a suit of lettuce and tomato. He has a cheese belt


He is immortal and has gained taco wisdom, the key to the chakra of tacos.


His only weapon is his fists, and his TACOS.


He was born in Sweden in 1937. He was born to the Mayor of a town with a complex name and female banker at the International Bank of Chickens.

After he turned 18 (1955), he went for a swim in the ocean (in winter)(when it was freezing) and saw Atlantis. He entered the city and they gave him their ancient taco armor. He could not understand them very well because they had a ridiculously strong Hillbilly accent. They finally communicated with him, and he left, prepared to take on the world of spicy Mexican delicacies.

He started selling tacos in Sweden. He then went to America in 1962 and secretly started subconciously controlling a guy to go into the taco business. He was Glen Bell, and he eventually founded Taco Bell. He secretly controls it to this day and also fights spicy injustices!


  • Glen Bell founded Taco Bell in 1962.
  • Chakras are a Buddhist concept of understanding the universe.
  • If he was immortal after Atlantis, he couldn't have survived the freezing temperatures, but the Atlantean Hillbillies had ancient wisdom and had his coming in the prophecies, and gave him immortality a few hours early.