"Do you want some muffins, sir?"-Wicked Calf to Evil Cow

Wicked Calf
Wicked Calf
Wicked Calf




3(cow years)







Wicked Calf is the Evil Cow's assistant.He is young and paid in food. he remind Evil Cow of himself. He loves to dance. He is a junior member of the B.G.A.T.F.D. (Bad Guys All Together For Death!).



Wicked Cow's real name is Oscar. He was put in a basket and floated onto the Colorado River. There he met a newborn girl named Molly Brown, who became known as "Unsinkable". He was floated onto the same farm that she later lived on. He was bought by another farmer who sold him to Evil Cow's farm's farmer.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

He was born to Canadian immigrants from Canada. They later for some reason put him in a basket in th Colorado River with Molly Brown. When Molly Brown was grabbed up by a farmer, who also grabbed him, he got older and older, and was eventually to be sold for meat, but his "milk was soooo good!", so he was spared.

He was sold to a man who just wanted to sell him at a very high price, which he did, to Evil Cow's farm's farmer. He was integrated into the herd, and "adopted" by Evil Cow. He does soft work in trade for a luxurious cow lifestyle. He also has his own room in the "Cow Cave".He is a junior member of theB.G.A.T.F.D. (Bad Guys All Together For Death!).


Wicked Calf is a stereotypically black and white spotted cow. He is young and small, and chubby in a little kid way. He wears a pacifier and is shown with bones behind him, since he's evil. He is suposed to wear a mask as his costume, but refuses.


  • '"Do you want some muffins, sir?"-Wicked Calf to Evil Cow
  • '"Moo hah hah?"' '-Wicked Calf to Evil Cow
  • '"pretty."' '-Wicked Calf
  • '"MOO!"
  • '"LYME DISEASE!!"' '-Wicked Calf to infected farm animals


  • He is sort of Evil Cow's mini me.